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The global community can financially contribute to KurdDAO by participating in the initial JIN JIYAN AZADI funding campaign where if a minimum of 0.1ETH donation is made via, then a Freedom Flower NFT will be gifted to the donor. There are a total of 10,001 NFTs. The three projects this initial campaign will support are:

  • Women's Liberation Initiative will provide funding for Kurdish cultural centers and work spaces around the world, where women can gather for female-led social and project development.
  • Discourse Kurdistan is a series of panels and events providing open discussion on the developing, complex situation in Kurdistan.
  • Kurdish Legal Advocacy will focus on providing substantial legal defense to the more than 10,000 political prisoners currently detained in Turkey, including activists, politicians, leaders, and journalists.
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  • Contributors who make donations to the DAO receive a Freedom Flower NFT as a gift and do not have financial management rights when it comes to donations that have been made to the DAO. Instead, these donations are directed to a multi-signature wallet that is managed by the Swiss nonprofit association, the Kurdish Centre For Human Rights (KCHR).
  • The KurdDAO Democratic Council is composed of 11 people which includes Kurds and their international allies. The council makes decisions via consensus. Due to the sensitive nature of the ultimate mission of KurdDAO, members of the KurdDAO Democratic Council may interact with the KurdDAO community using pseudonymous identities for security reasons.
  • The Council includes sub-committees who have special and unique privileges or responsibilities:
    • Co-chairs: Co-chairs interface with the KurdDAO community and are the main representatives and spokespeople for DAO. There are 2 co-chairs, which must be at least one man and one woman. This design reflects the Kurdish democratic way.
    • Wallet signers: There can be up to 5 wallet signers who work in coordination with the rest of the KurdDAO Democratic Council to execute financial transactions that the Council agrees upon.
  • The Freedom Flower NFT that Contributors receive will provide access to a token-gated forum which is where they can interface with the KurdDAO Democratic Council and present strategies and ideas related to implementing the three initial JIN JIYAN AZADI projects. Contributors acknowledge and agree that the Freedom Flower NFT is to be used in connection with accessing the aforementioned forum. Furthermore, this DAO will not take any steps to increase the value of the Freedom Flower NFTs, nor are Contributors encouraged to take any such steps.
    • The co-chairs have the authority to veto any Contributor suggestions that are not aligned with the community code of conduct or will impact the success of implementing the JIN JIYAN AZADI projects.
    • For security reasons, forum access is only granted to the original Ethereum address which minted the Freedom Flower NFT, because if a Contributor violates the community code of conduct, then forum access will be revoked.
    • Revoking forum access is a decision that will be achieved via consensus of the Council.
  • The initial instantiation of KurdDAO is essentially the relationship between the KurdDAO Democratic Council and the donor community. Our goal is to keep the DAO design simple, taking security into deep consideration, so we can fully focus on implementing the initial projects as successfully as possible. The KurdDAO Democratic Council will consider evolutions to the DAO in the future when that makes the most logical sense, such as opening up applications to join the Council, or planning additional funding campaigns.